NEW NOIZE: Reachback

Could you tell us 3 facts about ReachBack?

Fact 1 Ruby (singer) and joe (bassist) are brother and sister

Fact 2 joe is a professional golfer on the side

Fact 3 tom and Craig were in the same class at school but Craig was in the “cool gang” …sorry tom
Your new EP “Hello Paradise” will come out on the 25th of March, what would you like this EP to do for you guys?
We would love the EP to reach out to a load more people as it’s completely different to what we have done before. its a lot more mainstream. But we have definitely got tracks on there for our old Reachback fans. With grittier guitar sounds like “no one else” this EP is the first taste of the new us! So we hope it will encourage our fanbase to widen and see a lot more new Reachback boppers at our shows 
How was the writing process, where did you record it?
The writing process was so much fun. We haven’t released anything for quite sometime so we was all itching to get in the studio and lay down our ideas. Most of the songs just fell together. And some we’d had the ideas for a while. We have all grown up a lot. So our writing has matured since our last album and are all experiencing different things so it was nice to write about that. One of our songs was written especially for my mum and dad. To say thank you for all they have done for me and my brother (Joe Williams bassist) it’s very close to my heart and I hope a lot of people can relate to it. We recorded at stakeout studios. With Jason Wilcox. Who produced butterflies, and no one else. It was really nice to work with him again. The process was super calm and exciting.
Have you got any touring plans in place?
We are in discussion when the right time is to pack our bags and get on the road again. Which we are all buzzing to do and will be very soon.We have got a bunch a shows in the pipeline and can’t wait to get back out there and see all our fans. Touring and playing shows is why we do it. The energy we get back from dedicated fans bouncing up and down screaming your songs back at you. We can’t thank you enough. You are the people who make our dream become a reality.
Photo by Ed Jacobs Photography

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