We got to say it’s great to see hard work paying off, even better when it happens to good people! Checkout the best chop shop in Yorkshire!

“When we first opened our shop, almost 7 years ago, we had no business plan, no growth plan, no financial predictions, no targets, no ambitons of grandeur – We simply wanted to do what we love to do, with people we love to spend time with, in a place that represented the things we stood for.
We made absolutely no money in those first few years. We made EVERY possible mistake we could make. We fell hard, and we fell over and over and over again! –  But, we learned a LOT – A lot about ourselves, our industry, who we wanted to be, what we wanted to represent, and, perhaps most importantly of all, we learned who we were not!!
king koby
From a basement store with one chair and no customers, we have somehow grown into an 8 chair shop, serving 500 customers a week, with 13 full-time family members, all earning their living under the King Koby banner – Of this we are extremely proud. We are a product of the people we have surrounded ourselves with, and we are surrounded by some of the finest people you could ever hope to meet.
We did not build a business – We built a family, and that underpins EVERYTHING we do here.
This month marks the next step in our journey – We will be opening our second store in the incredible city of York in January.
Brand new store – 6 barbers – Same Ethos – Same vibe – Same integrity – Same quality – Same voice – Same principles – Different city!
king koby 2
Defiance – is perhaps the most underrated and underused of all human attributes. In a world dominated by the cult of celebrity, fast food, reality TV, divide and Conquer politics and human suffering on a scale not previously seen, we believe the time has come for all of us to be actively, intelligently and consistently defiant in the face of a culture that forces us to accept such mediocrity.
Community · Altruism · Brotherhood · Empathy – These are the founding principles of King Koby. We had absolutely no intention of existing merely for profit, or for aimlessly amassing an army of followers if we had nothing meaningful to say. 
These principles guide every aspect of what we do. They are part of King Koby’s DNA. We believe that if you are not actively giving back to the communities that have supported you, any success achieved will ultimately be meaningless.
At least once a month we will be undertaking a community-based project. From homeless soup kitchens, children’s hospital fundraisers or more personal projects, we want to be involved.
Head on over to their website now for more info! KING KOBY

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