2 Far To Jump to release debut EP

High flying pop punkers ‘2far2jump’ reveal their mouth-watering debut EP

First Attempts At Everything on Friday 5 th May.

Formed at the start of 2015 in Guildford, 2far2jump are comprised of lead singer Alistair Hynes, guitarist Rupert Barker and Aaron Mann on drums. The ascending tunesmiths supremely fuse uplifting melodies with punchy phrasing and are braced to break out to the UK this year.

Raised on a hearty diet of Blink 182, All Time Low, Neck Deep, Paramore, and Green Day, 2far2jump have crafted a sound of their own while embracing their contemporaries. To date, the band have enjoyed a strong slew of support from the underground. Dropping three singles and playing a glut of successful shows has only added to their ever-growing stock.

Now the scene is set and it’s time for 2far2jump to strike out to a global audience, and the Surrey pop-punkers are armed with the perfect tool in the shape of their explosive new EP First Attempts At Everything. The release boasts six alluring tracks, from the deliciously tuneful opener Set Your Goals, which has already been earmarked as the band’s next single, to the enticing refrain of Deepdene and alluring beatings of Think For The New Days.


Listen upon listen, it’s evident that 2far2jump have created a real gem of a debut and

it warrants your attention.

http://www.facebook.com/2far2jump http://www.twitter.com/2far2jump http://www.2far2jump.com

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