Prog rock quintet ORDER OF VOICES are proud to announce the release of their new album ‘Constancy’. Having in the past been called Britain’s answer to Tool and Alice in Chains, ORDER OF VOICES like to think they offer something new to the genre.
The new album builds on the strengths of the highly acclaimed debut album and pushes things further – it’s a more mature piece of work, and as a band ORDER OF VOICES have really focused in on the songwriting, capping it off with great individual performances to bring the songs on the album to life.
“The themes covered in the songs relate to the human condition.” explains vocalist Leigh Oates, “They touch on love, hope, desolation, longing, determination, forgiveness and I like people to take their own meaning from the songs. I always make a real effort with the lyrics as I want them to almost be able to stand alone without the music and still be a thought provoking enjoyable read.”
‘Constancy’ is 10 tracks in length, being 10 pieces of their collective soul and 10 chances for you to travel with them. ‘Constancy’ is out now.

Order Of Voices - Constancy Artwork


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